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Probate matters

We engage in all processes of Will from the making of will to the grant of probate and also the obtainment of Letters of Administration.


We give advice on any legal issue; proffering solutions and managing legal risks involved therein.

Legal Research

We save our clients’ time by producing papers on a wide range of topics sourced by our clients. Their feedback applauds our research skills.

International law and diplomacy

Our adeptness in international business transactions provide a soothing platform for our clients to carry on their businesses. We are also involved in international client representation and diplomatic mediation.

Legal Drafting

We draft letters, local and international agreements (JV), contracts, deeds and all kinds of document.

Real Estate

With several years of experience in the real estate sector, we prioritize our clients’ interests in all facets of property dealings. For more info click here

Professional legal service for every client

We are a team of versatile professional attorneys cutting across various fields of legal services. We provide our clients with a wide array of adaptable solutions to each situation.

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We offer our clients fresh perspectives and breakthrough legal and business insights.

Legal Implication of Memorandum of Association

Registration is a core requirement for a company to gain legal status. Part A of the Company and Allied Matters, Act 1996, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria (CAMA) contain provisions that regulate companies operations from its formation to dissolution. Section 19 of CAMA makes registration a precondition for the formation of any association or partnership consisting of more than twenty persons with the purpose of carrying on business for profit or gain. Upon incorporation, Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) issues…

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The Validity of Marriage Celebrated in Unlicensed Place of Worship

The institution of marriage though divine has secular operations. It is a sacred union, hence, the laws that provide for its celebration and contingencies. The court in Hyde v Hyde defined marriage as the voluntary union for life of one man and one woman to the exclusion of others until divorce or death. However, customary marriage gives room for the union of one man and two or more women. In Nigeria, one can contract either customary marriage or statutory marriage.…

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